Charlottesville: A Reminder to Vote Hate Out of Our Government at Every Level

August 11, 2018

Message from the President

One year has passed since Charlottesville, Virginia, was besieged by a group fueled by an ideology of hate. And this year, Charlottesville and other areas in northern Virginia have already declared states of emergency, in preparation for another hate rally in the Nation’s capital.

We were all sickened by the blatant racism on display, and the response from President Trump and others in his inner circle. They have created an environment where people now justify calling the police on African-Americans for just living their life.

NAACP members, advocates, and supporters stand against hate in all forms. This is more important than ever to do – to turn our collective resistance into a motivation to vote hate out of our government at every level.

The NAACP stands strong with all who will gather in peace to oppose discrimination and hatred. And we will forever remember those who were affected in last year’s violence.

Derrick Johnson, NAACP President & CEO