Press Release

In the Wake of Austin Bombings, NAACP Urges Caution to Members and All Communities

March 19, 2018

BALTIMORE—(March 19, 2018) The NAACP, the nation’s leading civil rights organization, issued the following statement regarding the latest bombing in Austin, Texas.

The NAACP is issuing a call for vigilance, diligence and caution to its membership and all communities in Austin who have suffered through two deaths and four injuries due to bombs dressed as packages and placed at homes.

“Due to the horrible acts of domestic terrorism now occurring in Austin, this is a time to be cautious about any packages being left at homes” said NAACP President Derrick Johnson. “We are asking our membership to be vigilant and to pay attention to anything out of the ordinary in their communities and avoiding picking up any packages left at their homes. We are working with our NAACP State President Gary Bledsoe and the Austin President Nelson Linder to help communities stay aware of potential for danger during this uneasy time.”

There have been four bombings in Austin this month. The first three bombings murdered two African Americans including 39-year-old Anthony Stephan House and 17-year-old Draylen Mason, and injured Mason’s mother. The third package bomb injured 75-year-old Esperanza Herrera. The fourth bombing last night injured two Caucasian males.

The NAACP Austin branch has been working very closely with the Austin Police Department, the FBI and ATF to monitor these devastating and criminal acts.

“We are urging our members to pay attention in their communities and to exercise caution when around any packages, said NAACP Austin President Nelson Linder. “We are asking parents to inform their youth to stay away from anything left on their doorsteps or at their homes. This is a time for us to communicate and keep in other informed regarding any type of strange behavior in our neighborhoods.”

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