End Segregated Social Events in Georgia Schools

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Support the residents of Wilcox County who realize America has come too far to take a step back.

After 30 years of racially segregated private proms at Wilcox County High School, a group of students successfully organized its first integrated prom. The students planned this event even though the school will still not condemn a separate segregated prom. This unfair practice must end.

Sign the petition to demand Georgia’s Governor, Nathan Deal, put an end to segregated proms, homecomings, and other school related social events.

A spokesman for Gov. Deal says he will not get involved with this:

“Gov. Nathan Deal won’t take sides in the controversy over some Wilcox County teens’ efforts to integrate their prom… This is a leftist front group for the state Democratic Party and we’re not going to lend a hand to their silly publicity stunt.”

A number of Georgia high schools began to hold private proms in the wake of the Brown vs. Board of Education decision, as a way to circumvent laws requiring integration. In 1990, the New York Times reported that ten counties in Georgia still were practicing segregated proms. 23 years later, a handful of high schools, including Wilcox still operate under these policies, although it seems shockingly outdated and reminiscent of Jim Crow.

Let Governor Deal know that organized segregation of any kind is not a “silly” matter and should be addressed head on. It’s 2013 and time to leave the segregation of Jim Crow era south in the past.