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Dear District Attorney Anderson & Texas state officials,

We urge you to provide a new, fair sentencing hearing for Duane Buck. Mr. Buck is an African-American man who was condemned to death after his sentencing jury was told that he posed a future danger because of his race. Mr. Buck’s death sentence was the product of racial discrimination and his impending execution would undermine the judicial process while reducing public confidence in the criminal justice system.

This offensive reliance on race was so improper that in 2000, the Texas Attorney General said that Mr. Buck – along with six other defendants who had similar evidence presented against them – was entitled to a new, fair and color-blind sentencing hearing. Mr. Buck is the only one of the seven defendants who has not received such a hearing.

It is fundamentally unfair to single out Mr. Buck for execution in light of the evidence of race-based sentencing. No execution should take place until Mr. Buck receives a new, fair sentencing hearing.

Dozens of diverse voices from across Texas and nationwide are calling for a new sentencing hearing for Mr. Buck. The supporters include a former Harris County Assistant District Attorney who prosecuted Mr. Buck and other former prosecutors, national and state civil rights leaders, elected officials, clergy and legal professionals. Even the surviving victim in the case, Phyllis Taylor, has forgiven Mr. Buck and does not want to see him executed.

Racial discrimination has no place in the administration of criminal justice, least of all when the State is seeking to carry out capital punishment.

The public cannot have confidence in the Texas court system until it is clear that it can, and will, treat all defendants equally, regardless of the color of their skin.

We appeal to your sense of fairness and commitment to justice, and respectfully request that you ensure Duane Buck receives a new, fair sentencing hearing.


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