The NAACP works to ensure that every disadvantaged student and student of color graduates ready for college or a career by ensuring access to great teaching, fair discipline, equitable resources and challenging curriculum. We are dedicated to eliminating the severe racial inequities that continue to plague our education system. Our ultimate goal is that every student of color receives a quality public education that prepares him or her to be a contributing member of a democracy.

To achieve these goals, the Education Committee of the national board, in concert with education chairs and leaders from across the Association, have settled upon a four-prong strategy to improve educational achievement for disadvantaged students:

  • Increasing Resource Equity: Target funds to neediest kids
  • Ensuring College & Career Readiness : A path to success after graduation for all students
  • Improving Teaching: Growing our own great teachers now in underserved communities
  • Improving Discipline: Eliminate zero tolerance; keep kids in school* All applied to turnaround schools

NAACP 2017-18 Scholarship Round Now Open! 

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The Latest on Education


Thursday, April 27th, 2017 The Harlem Hospital Center & Mural Pavilion 506 Malcolm X Boulevard (Lenox Avenue) Herbert Cave Auditorium, 2nd Floor New York, New York, 10037 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

A new NAACP task force studying education quality will hold its fifth in a series of at least seven national hearings on the impact of charter schools on underfunded school districts.


NAACP 2017-18 Scholarship Round Now Open!

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The Path Forward: Improving Opportunities for African-American Students

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Report.

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School Climate & Discipline Powerpoint

Presentation by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights

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Guiding Principles for Providing High-Quality Education in Juvenile Justice Secure Care Settings

A joint-report by the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Justice

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Policy Statement on Expulsion and Suspension Policies in Early Childhood Settings

Recommendations for preventing and limiting expulsion and suspension practices in early childhood settings

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Comparable Resources from US Department of Education

U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights

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NAACP Common Core Resolution

NAACP National Board of Directors

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Common Core State Standards Toolkit

A resource of information for NAACP units on Common Core Standards

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