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Condemning Sheriff Joe Arpaio Pardon: Joint
Statement from Leading Civil Rights and Racial Justice Organizations

NAACP Forward LA

NAACP Forward

NAACP Forward will guide our commitment to advancing civil rights through the present political climate and century ahead. In towns and cities nationwide, NAACP Forward will engage communities, members, supporters, partners and allies to confront the threats that citizens face each day, from voter suppression to income inequality to biased law enforcement.
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NO HATE: NAACP Tackles Hate Crimes

Since the November election, bigotry has become mainstream: white supremacists march in the streets of Charlottesville, VA and sit in our nation’s highest offices without shame or lasting repercussion. Symbols of the Confederacy abound. As a result, we’ve witnessed a dramatic spike in hate crimes motivated by racism, sexism, xenophobia, and other intolerances.
It’s up to US to stop hate. Join our call to Congress to support the NO HATE Act of 2017.
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Image for NAACP Pans White House Position on Protests by Pro Athletes, Endorses Rights of, and Protecting Free Speech

The NAACP, the nation’s foremost advocacy and civil rights organization, issued the following statement today regarding the White House’s position on, and the growing, divisive sentiment toward some professional athletes exercising their right of free speech: